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Lessons on Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance in Cultivation as a Gan Jing World Celebrity

Lessons on Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance in Cultivation as a Gan Jing World Celebrity

I might be sharing this a bit early, but I believe the potential of bloggers in the Gan Jing World community should not be underestimated. I often notice that familiar accounts around me can quickly rise to become influencers within a very short period. So, I hurriedly wrote this article, which you can consider a summary of my successful experiences or an accumulation of lessons from my failures. Regardless of success or failure, as long as I can contribute to your journey as an internet celebrity, I consider it worthwhile.

Firstly, I'd like to discuss the essence of power. Some say that the essence of power lies in obedience and recognition. While I can't pinpoint the source of this statement, I find it thought-provoking. You might wonder, what does the topic of power have to do with becoming a professional blogger? You may not realize it yet, but when you become a big influencer with thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of followers, your influence will shape the preferences and values of a significant number of people. So, is the obedience and recognition of your fans a form of power?

Taking this a step further, your posts, articles, or videos can either lead your audience towards salvation or push them towards destruction. When you gain such power in the world of social media, isn't it worth deep contemplation? In fact, if you don't have a profound answer to this question deep within yourself, you may not be able to wield this important power bestowed by the heavens. And even if you attain it, you might lose it quickly.

Regardless of the ever-changing themes of bloggers' channels, I believe that the essence of what we share can be distilled into these core elements: Who you are, what kind of person you are, and what you can do for others. What truly illuminates the world and the lives of others is the inner light and strength that come from the heart. Themes and content are just vessels.

Because I am a practitioner of Falun Dafa, which emphasizes "Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance," I'd like to share things that, in my view, internet celebrities should avoid in their journey.

Don't Ignore Truthfulness

Truth takes many forms. It is being sincere, upholding the truth, facing facts, seeking truth rigorously, having a pure and sincere heart, and speaking candidly.

I believe that truth is an incredible force. A genuinely sincere person can open anyone's heart, even those on the other side of the internet, even those who have been through the depths of darkness in their lives. However, this kind of sincerity sometimes requires a life-altering encounter. It's not about life or death, but some people in this world can't face the real world, the true self, and the deep-seated darkness within without an encounter that forces them to do so.

In this world, some darkness can only be illuminated by even deeper darkness or by the light born from undergoing profound darkness. Perhaps all the darkest moments in our lives are a form of treasure, destined to illuminate the lives of those trapped in similar darkness. How many people can navigate the darkness created by this world and life without self-destruction and loss? How many are willing to risk being judged, misunderstood, and underestimated while using the darkness in their own lives to illuminate the darkness of others? How many can still open their hearts to anyone after their sincerity has been trampled upon countless times?

But I genuinely believe that such people exist. Perhaps you'll meet one around the corner or in the future when you have the opportunity. If you can let go of bias and attachment, step out of your past darkness, you will see the true meaning behind all that happened, the miracles of life, and the compassion of the divine.

The question is, are you willing to face the darkest moments in your life to illuminate the darkness of others?

No Hypocritical Truthfulness

Without goodness and forbearance, what I see is false.

Please don't think everyone is hypocritical, only you are sincere. Please ask yourself, what has blinded your eyes to the goodness and beauty of this world?

Please don't utter hurtful words in the chill of June. Ask yourself: what erased your kindness at that moment, without regard for others' feelings?

Please don't express any words when your heart is filled with grievances and lacks wisdom. No matter how impassioned you feel at the moment, you'll likely regret it in the future.

Don't Neglect Compassion

Compassion comes in many forms. It is understanding, support, selfless giving, silent vigilance, pure goodness, and depth in tranquility.

I believe the highest form of compassion in this world is the divine's compassion and salvation. As long as it's not the final moments before the world's end, the divine will continuously give everyone opportunities to turn around and return to the right path until they themselves shut the door with their own hands. The greatest compassion we can practice is not to obstruct the salvation opportunities that some lives are meant to receive due to past karma or the fulfillment of their missions.

Compassion is a silently nurturing force that can melt the frost in others' hearts and dispel the darkness within oneself. If you see someone around you suffering, offer a warm word of understanding and comfort. You never know how this small act of kindness can change someone's life.

If you encounter people and situations you can't understand, don't always judge from a perspective of malicious self-interest. The actions and words we don't understand may be due to hidden pain and memories.

If you encounter people and situations that can't be changed at the moment, offer them your blessings in your heart. Whether they are seen as good or bad in our eyes, the door back home is always left open by the divine.

No Hypocritical Compassion

Without truth and goodness, in my view, there is hypocrisy. Don't stay silent in the face of major moral crises. The hottest place in hell is reserved for people like that. Don't cheer on someone who's running towards a cliff. If they are truly beyond salvation, how will you compensate for the regrets you'll carry? Don't use your influence as an internet celebrity to seek personal justice under the guise of doing good. This isn't why you were granted this power by the divine. Any form of passionate righteousness will eventually come back to haunt you.

Don't Overlook Tolerance

Tolerance comes in many forms. It is resilience, forgiveness, self-sacrifice, magnanimity, and unwavering strength.

Have you ever thought about how we can change the world? I believe that when constantly changing human nature encounters a constantly changing world, the interaction, under the influence of universal principles, will lead to a new equilibrium. However, the side that remains unchanged by the world cannot be the easily swayed human nature that bends under the influence of fame, fortune, and sentimentality. It can only be the diamond-like divinity born from truth, compassion, and tolerance.

When faced with malice and argument, don't get entangled. Let negative energy leave your life like rainwater, and focus on the goodness and light within you, so you don't lose yourself. When faced with criticism and misunderstanding, there's no need to prove your innocence. Those who care about you don't need proof, and those who understand you don't need proof. When faced with baseless attacks, don't let your emotions run high. All forms of shallowness provide you with opportunities to showcase depth, character, and wisdom.

No Hypocritical Tolerance

Without truth and goodness, in my view, there is hypocrisy. Don't try to change anyone. Every person's future and path are their own choices, and they will only change when the conditions are right and they choose to be good. Don't always think that the heavens are unfair to you. Take a moment to reflect on what limits your perspective and keeps you from facing your true self. Don't let your future light be buried by past darkness. Letting go doesn't mean giving up. Sometimes, we need to make peace with ourselves and receive our own forgiveness.

In my experience in the field of marketing, I've learned that public opinion reflects the will of the people: Many people like your attention and that's a form of destiny. If you can't handle the influence of being an internet celebrity responsibly, you might do great deeds, but you might also commit great sins. In fact, I believe that various things that easily make people feel superior in this world, such as power, talent, background, and beauty, are bestowed by the divine to fulfill people's past virtues or to ensure that those with missions don't disappoint in this life. Since these are gifts from the divine, they can be taken back at any time when the virtue is exhausted or when the mission is compromised.

I've written this article in the hope that every friend who crosses paths with me will be able to overcome challenges and avoid crises in the future. This isn't just for your own karma and mission but also for the future of those who have connections with us.

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