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What constitutes a trademark

A trademark encompasses a word, phrase, symbol, design or combination thereof that serves to identify a product or service, distinguishing it from others in the market. Having a trademark provides legal protection and grants exclusive usage rights to the owner for the specified goods or services but this protection is limited to the geographic area in which owner is providing its goods or services.

Understanding Trademark Infringement

Trademark infringement denotes the unauthorized or improper utilization of a trademark, potentially leading to confusion regarding the product or service's source. Gan Jing World's policies strictly prohibit the use of trademarks in videos and channels in a manner that infringes upon the rights of others. Should your content incorporate another entity's trademarks in a manner likely to cause confusion, it may result in video rejection or channel suspension.

Should you believe your trademark is being infringed upon, please note that Gan Jing World does not mediate trademark disputes between creators and trademark owners. Therefore, we strongly advise trademark owners to directly communicate with the creator responsible for the content in question. Engaging with the uploader directly could facilitate a quicker resolution that benefits all parties involved. Some creators provide contact information within their channels for this purpose.

Submit a trademark complaint

If you had contacted the account holder responsible for the content using your trademark and a resolution cannot be reached, you may proceed to submit a trademark complaint using our designated Trademark complaint form.

Gan Jing World commits to conducting a limited review of reasonable complaints and will promptly remove content found to be infringing upon trademarks. In an effort to resolve disputes amicably, Gan Jing World forwards each trademark complaint to the uploader before taking any action. This allows the uploader an opportunity to address any potential trademark-related concerns.

Submit a copyright complaint

If your concern pertains to a copyrighted work, such as a song, movie, or article, please submit a Copyright Complaint.

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