Jun 17, 2023
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5 mins read



MIDDLETOWN, NY (June 17, 2023) – Gan Jing World announced results of the 2023 #GJWMothersDay Hashtag Video Awards. Two winners were named for the Best Long Form video entry and Best Short Form entry, each receiving cash prizes of $1,000 and $500 respectively. 

The Mother’s Day Video Awards began on May 5th and ran through June 2nd. Contestants were encouraged to celebrate this Mother’s Day by sharing a most cherished memory or dedication to Mom for the chance to win a cash prize. All entries were judged according to video quality, aesthetic value, story-telling and engagement by a panel of nine judges who consisted of reputable artists, visual designers and film directors. 

Loads of heartfelt entries were received during the contest time sparking connections among the Gan Jing community as users shared in honoring Mothers around the world. The following entries were selected as winners of the 2023 #GJWMothersDay Hashtag Video Awards.

Best Long Video: Mother's Day Special Project! 1 Song, 19 Idioms, Ultimate Guide to Praising Mom! Idioms Galore! #gjwmothersday (by 桃學不逃學 )

The creator of the winning Best Long Video composed a catchy and melodic original song dedicated to mom. 

Best Short Video: What can you do for Grandma and Mom on Mother's Day? (by 親子萌) #GJWMothersDay

The creator of the winning Best Short Video utilized Gan Jing World's short video feature, presenting scenes that showcased the purest expression of filial piety towards mothers.

The judges send their congratulations to both winners and warm regards to all contestants for their heartfelt entries, sharing a statement:

“We received a large number of excellent works from around the world. Each participating work conveyed a strong sense of affection in witnessing, documenting, and sharing these beautiful moments with Mom. It was difficult choosing the final winners as we were often moved to tears by the sincere emotions overflowing in all of the works. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all for participating in what was truly a remarkable event!”

Other outstanding entries were collected in a special compilation video #GJWMothersDay Videos Awards: Outstanding Entries. The Mother’s Day video event is one of several planned events aimed at rekindling the value of family and community, encouraging acts of kindness and sparking meaningful conversations. 

Through the utilization of technology, the platform is dedicated to revitalizing traditional connections, fostering a culture of care, kindness, mutual respect, and trust among individuals, within families, and throughout society.

Gan Jing World shares on its platform:

“Our mission is to create a truly positive, vibrant digital community filled with wholesome content, free from violent, erotic, criminal or harmful material.”

With the video awards completed, the Gan Jing World community looks ahead to the Father’s Day Photo Awards which celebrates Dads around the world for their unyielding strength, courage, and guidance. Contestants are asked to showcase their best memory or moment with Dad in photo and use hashtag #GJWBestDad to earn a chance to win $1,000 in cash. The Father’s Day Photo Awards began on June 1st and runs through June 30th.

A spokesperson for Gan Jing World shares their thoughts on the importance of events such as the Father’s Day Photo Awards:

“We understand the power of entertainment in fostering connections and building communities. Through our diverse range of content and discussion forum features we strive to bring people together, encourage meaningful interactions, and spark conversations that transcend borders and cultures.” 

Gan Jing World is a new family-friendly platform that seeks to foster positive and uplifting engagement in its community, helping people recall the importance of strong bonds in the family and community to nurturing the mind and spirit. The platform allows for a video, article, and picture sharing environment, where the fundamental mission is to create positive change in the world through showcasing inspiring content that uplifts society.

Gan Jing World is poised to become the largest global online social platform. Placing itself at the forefront of utilizing technology to enhance person-to-person interactions, and rekindle traditional connections in families and communities, its aim is to shape a brighter future for all of humanity

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