Mar 1, 2024
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3 mins read

What Makes Side Sleeping Pillows Different From Other Types?

What Makes Side Sleeping Pillows Different From Other Types?

Pillows made especially to fulfill the needs of folks who want to sleep on their sides are known as side sleeping pillows. Contrary to traditional pillows, which won't be capable of helping the head, neck, and backbone in this posture, these pillows are designed to inspire correct alignment and offer the best consolation during the night. 

Best features of side sleeping pillows

Contour design

To maintain correct spinal alignment and provide vital help, this design helps to shut the space between the sleeper's head and the mattress. Side sleeping pillows ease discomforts associated with sleeping in a side position, like stiffness and neck aches, by helping the head and neck, thus reducing pressure on muscle tissues.

Specific quality materials

Purchasing a high-quality side sleeping pillow can significantly impact how much discomfort side sleepers experience as well as their general quality of sleep. Materials with supporting and pressure-relieving qualities are frequently used inside sleeping pillows. Since they conform to the shape of the sleeper's head and offer reliable support all through the night, memory foam, latex, and shredded memory foam are common options for filling. Additionally, these materials aid in the uniform distribution of weight, lowering pressure points and improving blood flow.

Height and firmness level

These pillows are usually harder and thicker than regular pillows since side sleepers need more loft to maintain appropriate spinal alignment. To avoid neck pain and discomfort over time, the increased loft helps keep the head from sinking too far into the pillow.


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