Oct 18, 2023
4 mins read
4 mins read

Mega Influencers Are Joining Gan Jing World With the Motivation to Build a Safe, Clean, Non-Addictive Social Media

Mega Influencers Are Joining Gan Jing World With the Motivation to Build a Safe, Clean, Non-Addictive Social Media

Kind acts have the power to send forth ripple effects in our world and change lives. The #KindnessIsCool campaign is underway at Gan Jing World. More and more influencers worldwide are joining the kindness movement with a mission of “Spread kindness, inspire millions.”

The #KindnessIsCool Video Awards is a global video contest inviting people and organizations to join a movement for good. The awards contest is open for submissions now through December 31, 2023 with a winners announcement scheduled for February 1, 2024.

Anyone can share videos of kind acts using the hashtag #KindnessIsCool on Gan Jing World and take part in this great wave of worldwide positivity, while also earning a chance at $25,000 in cash prizes.

Outstanding creators will have a chance to get featured on New York City's iconic Times Square billboard in addition to other exclusive promotional opportunities.

Kindness pays back!

The Case for Kindness Echoed by Influencers Far and Wide

America’s trusted voice on finance and business, Dave Ramsey, host of the internationally renowned Ramsey Show shared his support on the #KindnessIsCool movement, encouraging others to focus on kindness:

“Kindness is cool. Here’s the deal: If you help people, if you love people, it always works out for you. Give it a try.”

Ramsey has launched “The Ramsey Show Highlights” on Gan Jing World, a channel that has brought together millions of people on YouTube. His new GJW channel offers a new environment and exciting space where varying ways of interaction are forging a deeper community.

Mega Influencer English with Jennifer (1.1M subscribers on YouTube), shared her take on kindness on her GJW channel to support what she believes to be an important movement:

“When we take the time to care about others, the world becomes a more beautiful place, and we all feel healthier and stronger. So be kind. Join the #KindnessIsCool campaign on Gan Jing World.”

Deeper Problems at Stake: Leaders Raise Concern for How Social Media and Internet Usage Are Affecting Mental Health, Especially for Youth

Gan Jing means “clean”. The New York-based social media startup is seeking to set itself apart from mainstream tech practices by putting traditional values, like kindness, before technology, and by taking a strict stance on data privacy.

Many parents are concerned about their children being exposed to explicit content and developing addictive online habits. U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy issued an advisory warning about social media’s “profound risk of harm” to youth's mental health, and the risk of harmful content exposure and excessive use.

A Wall Street Journal investigation exposed that a popular social media platform is feeding teenagers “a diet of darkness” through steady recommendation streams to teens of videos on suicide and eating disorders.

According to Gan Jing World Media Relations Director, Nick Janicki, non-addictive algorithms are a distinctive and important feature of Gan Jing World. The platform prioritizes valuable information and inspirational content, freeing users from addiction loops.

Kyle Kemper, grassroots campaign manager for presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. praises Gan Jing World for providing the world “a really beautiful solution.” He offered his congratulations to the fastest-growing online platform and shared,

“What the world needs is access to safe, clean, private, non-addictive social media or community engagement centers.”

New York State Senator James Skoufis expressed his support for Gan Jing World's #KindnessIsCool Video Awards, urging everyone to participate in the powerful message of kindness by getting on board with the GJW kindness event:

“At a time when there’s so much division in society, we need more kindness, we need more love, we need more thoughtfulness.”

#KindnessIsCool: A Worldwide Phenomena

#KindnessIsCool is poised to become a worldwide-phenomena. In the USA and overseas in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, France, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, and Malaysia, users have uploaded thousands of videos with the hashtag.

GJW’s proprietary hashtag aggregation feature offers flexibility to different creators, whether their strengths are in audio, video, or written formats, to participate in this global event, providing meaningful content for people around the world to freely enjoy, and participate in promoting positive change in their communities.