Apr 21, 2024
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2 mins read

Iran’s Supreme Leader Implies Attack on Israel Did Little Damage

Iran’s Supreme Leader Implies Attack on Israel Did Little Damage

JERUSALEM (NEWSnet/AP) — Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, on Sunday dismissed any discussion of whether an  unprecedented attack on Israel hit anything there.

Satellite images analyzed Saturday by The Associated Press showed Iran’s attack caused only minor damage at Nevatim air base in southern Israel, including taking a chunk out of a taxiway that Israel quickly repaired.

Khamenei made the comments at a meeting attended by the top ranks of Iran’s regular military, police and paramilitary Revolutionary Guard, a powerful force within its Shiite theocracy.

“Debates by the other party about how many missiles were fired, how many of them hit the target and how many didn’t, these are of secondary importance,” Khamenei said in remarks aired by state television. “The main issue is the emergence of the Iranian nation and Iranian military’s will in an important international arena. This is what matters.”

He did not address an apparent retaliatory strike by Israel April 18 in Isfahan.

Analysts believe both Iran and Israel are trying to reduce tension following a series of escalatory attacks.

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