Nov 18, 2023
2 mins read
2 mins read

How to Watch Gan Jing World Using Roku

How to Watch Gan Jing World Using Roku

Step 1: Open Roku, in the search bar: type in Gan Jing World.


Step 2: click on Gan Jing World to select the app.


Step 3: After clicking, you should see this page, select "add app" and add Gan Jing World to your Roku channels.

Group 1000005616.png

Step 4: after it's successfully installed, select "Open App".

Group 1000005615.png

Step 5: to change your preferred language, click on "Settings" → "Language"

Group 1000005617.png

Step 6: Browse our list of categories or the Home tab, an orange rectangle indicates that the video is selected, on your remote, press the "OK" button to watch.

Tonight New Realm Studios will premiering the film "Once We Were Divine", exclusively on Gan Jing World, EST 8pm.