Feb 23, 2024
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FBI’s Decade-Long Engagement with Informant Linked to Russian Intelligence and False Biden Claims

FBI’s Decade-Long Engagement with Informant Linked to Russian Intelligence and False Biden Claims

Legal filings reveal the FBI’s extensive contact with an informant making unverified claims about Burisma and the Bidens, leading to questions about the handling of sources linked to foreign intelligence.

By yourNEWS Media Staff

The FBI has been in communication since 2010 with Alexander Smirnov, an informant who made controversial allegations regarding Burisma’s supposed intentions to bribe Hunter and Joe Biden. This relationship persisted until Smirnov’s arrest on February 14, accused of making false statements to federal agents and connections to Russian intelligence, according to a February 20 legal filing.

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Special Counsel David Weiss highlighted in the filing that Smirnov, after engaging with Russian intelligence officials in November, allegedly propagated new falsehoods with potential implications for U.S. electoral processes. This accusation contrasts sharply with the FBI’s previous assessment of Smirnov as a reliable informant.

Details from the February 14 indictment reveal that the FBI compensated Smirnov for his information and permitted his involvement in unlawful activities for investigative ends. Smirnov was informed multiple times since 2010 by his FBI handler of the possibility that his testimony might be required in court.

Smirnov entered into five agreements with the FBI between 2014 and 2020, outlining his continued engagement in illegal activities under the condition that he avoids obstructing justice. Despite these agreements, the indictment alleges Smirnov deceived the FBI about his conversations with Burisma executives concerning the Bidens, which he claimed took place when Joe Biden was Vice President.

The narrative surrounding these discussions led to the creation of an FD-1023 form, a document used by FBI agents to catalog unverified intelligence. The veracity of the information within this form remained unchallenged until the unveiling of the recent indictment by Special Counsel Weiss.

Former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady’s testimony in October 2023 revealed that Weiss’ office, prior to Weiss becoming special counsel, was informed about the allegations contained within the FD-1023 as early as October 2020. It took over three years before a reevaluation of Smirnov’s credibility was conducted.

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Federal investigators did not interrogate Smirnov regarding the FD-1023 until September 27, 2023, following its public disclosure by Senator Chuck Grassley in July 2023. This delay has been criticized for exemplifying the FBI’s recurrent mishandling of human sources, as stated by Jason Foster of Empower Oversight.

Despite the controversy surrounding Smirnov’s indictment and alleged ties to Russian intelligence, some Democrats argue this undermines the validity of the impeachment investigation into Joe Biden. However, the allegations against the Bidens also draw from separate evidence, including Hunter Biden’s laptop, testimonies from former business associates, and investigations into the Biden family’s foreign business transactions.

The DOJ and FBI have not yet responded to inquiries regarding these matters.

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