Oct 6, 2023
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8 mins read

Dental Chair Market Report 2022-2027: A Comprehensive Overview of Market Size, Share, Trends and Growth

Dental Chair Market Report 2022-2027: A Comprehensive Overview of Market Size, Share, Trends and Growth

Overview of Global Dental Chair Market Size, Share, and Growth Forecast for 2022-27

The report aims to provide a comprehensive perspective on the Global Dental Chair Market : Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity, and Forecast 2022-2027. It offers an industry overview, including an analysis of historical and future market growth. Key parameters such as revenue, demand, and applicable supply data are highlighted. The study offers regional estimates, forecasts, and trend analyses for various locations.

Report's Study Period:

  • Historical period: 2017 – 2020
  • Base Year: 2021
  • Forecasting period: 2022 – 2027

Insights and Analysis of the Global Dental Chair Market for the Period 2022-2027:

The Global Dental Chair Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 5.4% during the forecast period, i.e., 2022-27.

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Global Dental Chair Market Dynamic:

Industry Driving Factor:

Rapidly Rising Incidence of Oral Health Ailments Worldwide - The growing number of dentists, surge in medical tourism, and rapid developments related to healthcare infrastructure have all resulted in significant advancements in dental healthcare facilities & surgical procedures globally in order to cater to the mounting prevalence of oral infections & periodontal diseases, especially in the elderly population.

Moreover, the rising consumer interest in oral aesthetics is another prominent aspect instigating companies to manufacture more efficient and technologically advanced dental equipment, including chairs. Hence, these aspects are projected to drive the Global Dental Chair Market during 2022-27 and create new avenues for companies to yield significant profits.

Segmentation Analysis of the Dental Chair Market for the Period 2022-2027:

Our team of analysts has carefully studied the market using various methods and calculations to create a detailed analysis. We've broken down the market into different sections and thoroughly examined each one. This in-depth exploration has helped us identify the standout performing segment in each section by closely examining various aspects of the market.

We have delved into the factors and trends driving increased activity in these specific segments. Additionally, we have identified the main market participants who are actively involved in these segments, giving us a complete understanding of their unique characteristics. Our study also includes a comprehensive view of the market's structural expansion, offering a clear framework to understand how it has evolved.

· By Design

o Ceiling-Mounted

o Mobile-Independent

o Dental Chair-Mounted

· By Product

o Electric

o Hydraulic

· By Application

o Examination

o Surgery

o Orthodontics

· By End-User

o Hospitals

o Clinics

· By Region

o North America

o South America

o Europe

o Middle East & Africa

o Asia-Pacific

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Leading Market Position in The Dental Chair Market

In analysing the Dental Chair Market, we conduct a thorough competitive benchmarking assessment involving key firms such as

- A-dec (Austin Dental Equipment Company)

- Danaher Corporation

- Dentsply Sirona Inc.

- DentalEZ, Inc.

- Dexta Corporation

- Envista Holdings Corporation

- Henry Schein Inc.

- Ivoclar Vivadent AG

- Midmark Corporation

- Straumann

- Others

This evaluation entails a detailed review of each company's product value, capabilities, and notable attributes. Moreover, our study encompasses recent mergers, acquisitions, and product launches by these firms, aiming to offer stakeholders valuable insights into the prevailing market dynamics.

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The Dental Chair Market Research Report for 2022-27 addresses several key questions:

1. How will the growth rate of the Dental Chair market progress during the projected period?

2. What market factors will serve as the foundation for shaping client and business strategies?

3. Which factors are currently exerting influence, including increased demand and ongoing market advancements?

4. Among the studied market segments, which one’s present promising avenues for extended growth opportunities?

5. Which company currently holds the leading market position?

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