Dec 12, 2023
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11 Easy DIY Decorations to Light Up Your Home This Christmas

11 Easy DIY Decorations to Light Up Your Home This Christmas

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We all love to decorate for Christmas; nothing can beat do-it-yourself (DIY) homemade Christmas decorations. Ready-made, store-bought Christmas decorations are undoubtedly classy and elegant, but they may be too familiar. On the other hand, DIY decorations will be pretty, personalized, and stylish.

With DIY decorations, you can adjust everything to suit your preferences, budget, and overall theme.

11 DIY decorating ideas for this Christmas

1. Potpourri simmer jars

This may sound old-fashioned and rustic, but who doesn’t like a good Christmas scent in their home? Homemade potpourri simmer jars are slowly gaining popularity and becoming the next big thing in homemade Christmas decor. 

Everyone prefers different scents. So find the ones that work for you and incorporate them in your mason jar. Start early because the flowers, herbs, and spices may take up to a month to dry and start releasing their scent. 

2. Bottle trees

Your old, empty glass beer, soda, or wine bottles come in handy for this DIY craft. You only need empty bottles, paint, flowers, twigs, or candles. With this project, you’ll need to get creative and inventive. You can paint or draw Christmas images, cartoons, or simple, cute lines on the bottles.

Use your favorite colors or just the ordinary red, green, and white Christmas colors. Allow the bottles to dry and use them for flowers or as candle holders.

3. Driftwood tree

If you live by the shore or can access driftwood, this would be your perfect DIY Christmas project. Gather your driftwood, connect them using strands or a thin wire, and then shape them to resemble a Christmas tree. 

Start with a long piece at the bottom, then reduce the size consecutively as you go up. You can find other driftwood Christmas tree decoration variations or develop your own version.

Use different Christmas decoration ornaments such as Christmas globes, baubles, finials, and figurines to decorate your driftwood tree. You will no longer need to spend much money on a Christmas tree.

If you live by the shore or can access driftwood, this would be your perfect DIY Christmas project.

If you live by the shore or can access driftwood, this would be your perfect DIY Christmas project. (Image: Cebas1 via Dreamstime)

4. Mini-Scandinavian felt trees

You can never go wrong with mini Christmas trees. All you need to make these DIY Scandinavian felt trees is felt. Well, you’ll need a pair of scissors, but that is readily available at home, I assume. They are easy to make, and you can customize the colors to suit your favorites.

Instead of hanging them on your vast Christmas tree, you can make a bunch and sit them on your end table. You can also add different shapes and figures to decorate them.

5. Wreaths

Christmas can never be complete without wreaths. You can choose from tens, if not hundreds, of different types of DIY Christmas wreaths. You can never go wrong with these, from Christmas ball wreaths to petite rosemary wreaths with name ribbons for your guests. All you need is to get creative. 

The most common wreath styles include berry wreaths, boxwood wreaths, floral wreaths, greenery wreaths, lavender wreaths, hydrangea wreaths, magnolia wreaths, and peony wreaths, to name just a few. You are free to choose what works for you and your family.

6. Mailbox for letters to Santa

This is handy, especially if you have little ones who want to leave a word for Santa. A DIY mailbox for letters to Santa is a fun and creative way to keep memories of your little children. It is also a great addition to your empty corners and corridors. 

You can also put flowers and other decor on top of the mailbox to add more beauty and warmth to your home.  

7. Hanging snowflakes

DIY hanging snowflakes are another fun way to surprise your little children this holiday. One good thing about them is that you don’t use them only on Christmas; you can still leave them up all winter. You can also use them for other winter celebrations, such as birthdays and get-togethers.

You can also employ the help of your kids or make them alone and put them up at night so they can wake up to a surprise. 

Christmas can never be complete without wreaths.

Christmas can never be complete without wreaths. (Image: Vladimir Mikhaylovskiy via Dreamstime)

8. Garlands

DIY garlands are an easy go-to rustic holiday decorations you can easily pull off. There are numerous types of garlands you can put up depending on what you want to achieve with your decor.

Some Christmas garlands you can try include eucalyptus garlands, dried orange garlands, lemon garlands, pine garlands, flower garlands, and even popcorn garlands.

9. Book tree

Rearrange your books to a beautiful Christmas tree shape and decorate in between with Christmas ornaments, greeneries, and pine cones. Start with more books at the bottom to create a broader base and reduce the number toward the top to shape the Christmas tree. 

There are different ways to create a DIY book tree, available online, where you can draw your inspiration from. 

10. Christmas village

You can use a Cricut maker to craft a beautiful DIY Christmas village that will charm your family and friends. You can then magnificently display it within an embroidery hoop on your empty shelves or a corner of your house.

You can also make a Christmas village stocking hanger for all your stockings or for each family member.

11. Decorated rustic twigs

Cut small tree twigs and decorate with seeds, greenery, flowers, and ornaments. You can hang them on your front door or a wall inside your house for an ultimate Christmas vibe. You can find Christmas creative ideas to help you make a perfect DIY rustic tree twig. 

Happy holidays!

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