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Community Guidelines


Last updated: May 10, 2024

Gan Jing World aims to be a clean digital "ecosystem" where people can browse a wide variety of information, free of concerns about what they see or view. Our Community Guidelines outline what type of content is not allowed on Gan Jing World. These policies apply to all types of content on our platform, including but not limited to audio, videos, graphics, photos, texts, branding (including trade names, trademarks, service marks, or logos), interactive features, software, metrics, and other materials whether provided by us, you or third-party.

Our Community Guidelines are regularly updated to ensure our users have a healthy and safe online environment. Channels or content that do not follow these policies may be terminated and removed from Gan Jing World at its sole discretion.

Gan Jing World is hereinafter referred to as GJW.

  • Any spam or deceptive content is prohibited on GJW. This includes manipulating the number of views, likes, comments, or other metrics, impersonating a person or channel, and/or sending users to websites featuring content that violates our Community Guidelines.
  • Any violent content is prohibited on GJW. This includes content that threatens other individuals, encourages illegal activities that risk serious physical harm or death, and/or promotes hate speech or violent criminal organizations.
  • Any harmful content is prohibited on GJW, promotes harmful or dangerous acts, inflicts emotional distress on viewers, and/or encourages cyberbullying and harassment.
  • Any erotic content or use of vulgar language is prohibited on GJW. This includes content that contains pornography, and/or is meant to be sexually gratifying.
  • Any content intended to sell certain regulated goods and services is prohibited on GJW.

We implement and uphold these Community Guidelines through a dual approach involving both human evaluators and machine learning algorithms.

The Community Guidelines encompass various areas, including but not limited to:

Spam or Misinformation

Content Spam

Content that is excessively posted, repetitive, or untargeted and engages in any of the following activities is prohibited on GJW. The following types of content are not allowed on GJW. This list isn't a complete list and can be modified by GJW at any time to protect GJW and its users.

  • Directing viewers off-site under the pretense of offering specific content.
  • Linking to websites that distribute harmful software, attempt to collect personal information, or otherwise have a detrimental impact.
  • Soliciting clicks, views, or traffic by promising quick financial gain to viewers.
  • Repeatedly posting identical content across one or more channels.
  • Uploading copyrighted or protected content without proper authorization.
  • Spreading false extreme interpretation of copyrighted works.
  • Encouraging viewers to install harmful software or visit sites that may compromise their privacy.
  • Featuring autogenerated content lacking consideration for quality or viewer experience.
  • Offering monetary rewards, products, software, or gaming advantages in exchange for installing software, downloading an app, or completing other tasks.

Misleading Metadata or Thumbnails

Using titles, thumbnails, or descriptions to deceive users about the content's nature is prohibited on GJW. The following types of content are not allowed on GJW. This list isn't a complete list and can be modified by GJW at any time to protect GJW and its users.

  • Featuring thumbnails unrelated to the content, such as those depicting popular celebrities.
  • Utilizing titles, thumbnails, or descriptions to mislead users regarding the content.

Scams and Fake News, Events or Information

Content making exaggerated promises or promoting schemes involving cash, gifts, accelerated wealth-building strategies, and dissemination of fake news, events, or information is strictly prohibited on GJW.

Incentivization Spam

Content designed to sell engagement metrics, such as views, likes, comments, or any other GJW metric, is prohibited. This includes content aimed solely at boosting subscribers, views, or other metrics, such as "Sub4Sub" content.

Notes: These policies extend to videos, video descriptions, comments, live streams, and all other GJW products or features. Additionally, these guidelines apply to external links within your content, including clickable URLs and verbal directives to visit other websites.

Sexually Explicit Material

Pornographic Content

Posting pornography on GJW may lead to the removal of content or termination of the channel. The following types of content are strictly prohibited on GJW. Please note that this list is not complete:

  • Depictions of nudity intended for sexual gratification.
  • Pornography, including depictions of sexual acts or fetishes intended for sexual gratification.
  • Content depicting sexual violence or assault.
  • Material featuring minors or content that sexually exploits minors.

This policy applies across all GJW products and features, including videos, video descriptions, comments, images, live streams, audio, and any other content. It encompasses real-world scenarios, dramatized representations, illustrations, and animated content, including sex scenes, video games, and music.

Educational Content

Content containing nudity is permissible when its primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic, provided that it is not gratuitous. For instance:

  • Documentaries on topics like breast cancer.
  • Contextual nudity in indigenous cultures, medical settings, childbirth.

However, posting clips out of context for sexual gratification, even if sourced from educational or documentary material, is not permitted. Context is crucial, and providing it in the content, title, and description helps both us and your audience discern the video's primary purpose.

For educational, documentary, scientific, cultural, or artistic content containing adult material or graphic violence, we may consider official third-party ratings to determine its appropriateness for GJW. Content that aligns with our policies but may not be suitable for all audiences will be age-restricted. Age-restricted content is only viewable by users aged 18 and above or those who are signed in.

Violent, Harmful or Dangerous Content

Harassment or Bullying

Content that poses threats to individuals or targets them with prolonged or malicious insults is strictly prohibited on GJW. Please refrain from posting content on GJW if it aligns with any of the descriptions provided below:

  • Material featuring sustained name-calling or malicious insults, including racial slurs, based on intrinsic attributes of an individual. These attributes may include their status within protected groups, physical characteristics, or their status as survivors of sexual assault, distribution of non-consensual intimate imagery, domestic abuse, child abuse, and similar circumstances.
  • Content uploaded with the intention of shaming, deceiving, or insulting a minor, defined as an individual under the legal age of majority, typically under 18 years old.

Harmful or Dangerous Acts

GJW strictly prohibits content that promotes dangerous or illegal activities posing a risk of serious physical harm or death. Please refrain from posting content on GJW if it falls under any of the following categories:

  • Extremely Dangerous Challenges: Challenges that present an immediate risk of physical injury.
  • Dangerous or Threatening Pranks: Pranks inducing fear of imminent serious physical harm or causing severe emotional distress, particularly to minors.
  • Instructions for Harm: Demonstrations on how to carry out activities intended to harm or kill others, such as providing instructions for building explosives.
  • Drug Use or Production: Content depicting drug abuse or providing instructions on drug manufacturing. This includes hard drugs, which have the potential for physical addiction.
  • Portrayal of Hard Drug Use: Non-educational content depicting the intravenous injection of drugs like heroin or the inhalation of substances like glue.
  • Manufacturing Hard Drugs: Non-educational content detailing the production process of drugs.
  • Minors and Substance Use: Depictions of minors consuming alcohol, using vaporizers, e-cigarettes, tobacco, marijuana, or misusing fireworks.
  • Drug Sales: Content featuring the promotion or sale of drugs.
  • Steroid Use: Non-educational content demonstrating the recreational use of steroids, such as for bodybuilding.
  • Instructional Theft or Cheating: Tutorials on stealing tangible goods or promoting dishonest behavior.
  • Hacking: Demonstrations of computer or information technology use with the intent to steal credentials, compromise personal data, or cause significant harm to others, including hacking into social media accounts.

Please note that this list is not complete. Additionally, these policies extend to external links within your content, including clickable URLs, verbal directives to other websites, and any other forms of linkage.

Furthermore, it is strictly prohibited to depict minors engaging in dangerous activities or to encourage minors to participate in such activities. Minors must never be placed in harmful situations that may result in injury, including participation in dangerous stunts, dares, or pranks.

Violent Content

GJW strictly prohibits the posting of violent or bloody content intended to shock or disgust viewers, as well as content that encourages others to commit violent acts. Please avoid uploading content on GJW if it falls under any of the following descriptions:

  • Encouraging others to commit violent acts against individuals or specific groups of people.
  • Depictions of fights involving minors.
  • Footage, audio, or imagery depicting scenarios such as road accidents, natural disasters, aftermath of wars or terrorist attacks, street fights, physical assaults, immolation, torture, corpses, protests or riots, robberies, medical procedures, or similar events intended to shock or disgust viewers.
  • Footage or imagery displaying bodily fluids, such as blood or vomit, with the intent to shock or disgust viewers.
  • Footage of corpses with severe injuries, such as severed limbs, etc.

Promotes Terrorism / Violent Extremist or Criminal Organizations

GJW strictly prohibits content intended to praise, promote, or support violent extremist or criminal organizations. Such organizations are prohibited from using GJW for any purpose, including recruitment. Please refrain from posting content on GJW if it falls within any of the following descriptions:

  • Material produced by violent extremist, criminal, or terrorist organizations.
  • Content that praises or commemorates prominent terrorist, extremist, or criminal figures with the intent of inciting others to commit violent acts.
  • Material that glorifies or justifies violent actions carried out by violent extremist, criminal, or terrorist organizations.
  • Content designed to recruit new members to violent extremist, criminal, or terrorist organizations.
  • Material depicting hostages or published with the intent to solicit, threaten, or intimidate on behalf of a criminal, extremist, or terrorist organization.
  • Content featuring the insignia, logos, or symbols of violent extremist, criminal, or terrorist organizations with the aim of praising or promoting them.
  • Material that glorifies or promotes violent tragedies, such as school shootings.

If you are posting content related to terrorism or crime for educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic purposes, please ensure that you provide sufficient information within the video or audio itself to help viewers understand the context. Graphic or controversial footage accompanied by adequate context may be subject to age-restrictions or displayed with a warning screen.

Hateful or Abusive Content

GJW strictly prohibits hate speech. We remove content that promotes violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on any of the following attributes. Please note that these attributes are listed alphabetically without any order of precedence:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Ethnicity
  • Nationality
  • Race
  • Immigration Status
  • Religion
  • Gender identity or expression
  • Sexual orientation
  • Socioeconomic status

Key Note: Engaging someone to promote your channel carries significant implications. Any tactics employed in breach of our policies could lead to content removal or even a channel suspension or takedown, regardless of whether the actions were initiated by you or by a hired party.

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