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At Gan Jing World, we empower creators like vloggers, filmmakers, writers, artists or storytellers to showcase their talents and connect with followers in ways like never before.

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Bring Your Vision to Life

Gan Jing Videos

Create immersive stories, share in-depth knowledge, or make captivating documentaries with no time constraints.

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Make Every Second Count

Gan Jing Shorts

Create impactful content that captivates and lingers in the minds of your audience. Share your talents, tips, and captivating moments.

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Share Your Thoughts

Gan Jing Reads

Dive into in-depth discussions, provide valuable insights and connect with appreciative readers

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Capture the World

Gan Jing Posts

A picture speaks a thousand words. Share your vision and inspire others with visual storytelling.

Create Your Own #Hashtag Event and Invite Your Followers to Join

Amplify your online presence with a #Hashtag event on Gan Jing World. Inspire and unite your followers through videos, shorts, photos and articles. Enhance your vibrant community and unleash your creativity for lasting impact with these unforgettable events. Get ready to rally your followers like never before!



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Turn Your Passion For Content Creation Into Income

We're committed to empowering you on your creative journey and rewarding your talent.

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Revenue Opportunities for Creators

Get cash rewards in your first 90 days on Gan Jing World. Earn money directly through the content you create. Transform your passion into a thriving source of income.

Revenue Opportunities
Monetize Content
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Monetize Content Through Channel Membership

Monetize your videos and articles, or host an online course! Our versatile model allows you to form various streams of income allowing for the most opportunity in earning compensation for your creations.

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Connecting Creators With Top Brands

Sponsored content is a top way creators can make money. We connect creators with high-quality brands through our influencer marketing platform.

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Be Part of Something

Some of our star influencers 🌟

Strictly Dumpling - Food and Travel

Strictly Dumpling

4 Million+

Food and Travel
Carter - Sharer Lifestyle

Carter Sharer

9 Million+

Beauty - Within Beauty

Beauty Within

2.5 Million+

PsycheTruth - Health & Fitness


4 Million+

Health & Fitness
Facts Matter - News & Politics

Facts Matter

1 Million+

News & Politics

Shape the Future of Content Creation With Us

Gan Jing World provides powerful tools, extensive exposure, and a supportive network that celebrates your unique talent. Join today to position yourself among the industry's finest. It's time to leave your mark, showcase your creativity, and thrive within a vibrant community that uplifts and inspires creators like you.

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