Reconnect to Morals & Traditions

Through the utilization of technology, we are dedicated to revitalizing traditional connections, fostering a culture of care, kindness, mutual respect, and trust among individuals, within families, and throughout society.


GanJingWorld: Technology For Humanity


Family-Friendly Entertainment


Unmatched Privacy Protection

We hold user privacy as a top priority, and ensure that we collect the absolute minimum amount of user data compared to other platforms. We allow users to freely access our website and download our app without the need for registration. We do not engage in the active collection of user information or track user behavior. Furthermore, we firmly stand against the sale of our user data.

Empowering Content Creators

At Gan Jing World, we empower creators like vloggers, filmmakers, writers, artists or storytellers to showcase their talents and connect with followers in ways like never before.

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Gan Jing World Kids

A Safe Digital Space For Kids

We aim to support the development of strong minds, character building, and bolstering self-esteem in young people through educational content.

Kids exploring the galaxy

We understand the power of entertainment in fostering connections and building communities. Through our diverse range of content and discussion forum features we strive to bring people together, encourage meaningful interactions, and spark conversations that transcend borders and cultures.


Technology for Humanity

  • Non-Addictive Algorithm

    Gan Jing World's non-addictive algorithm liberates users from endless scrolling and addiction. We prioritize valuable information and inspiring content. With our AI recommendations, users will take full control of their digital experience, expand horizons, and embrace meaningful engagement.
  • AI Image Filtering

    Within milliseconds, our advanced AI and imaging technologies can detect and process harmful content.
  • Private Data Center

    With our private data center, we ensure user privacy and uphold our commitment to censorship-free experiences. Our cutting-edge cloud solution protects user data from threats and prevents third-party access.
Technology for Humanity
Gan Jing World
Gan Jing World


Join us at Gan Jing World and become part of our thriving community. Together, let's shape the future of digital entertainment while fostering a safe and inspiring space for all.